Year: 2022

9 Reasons to Have a Will

While the reason for preparing a Will may vary from person to person, here are 9 reasons to have a Will in place.
1.    A Will is an opportunity for you to choose what happens to your money when you pass away.  When you pass away intestate or without a Will, you lose that opportunity, and your estate is distributed to your next of kin as set out in the Ontario Succession Law Reform Act. Therefore, you risk your estate being distributed in a manner you would not agree with.
2.    A Will is an opportunity for you to choose who will administer your estate.  Without a Will, a court will appoint your Executor, and an Executor has the biggest role in the distribution of your estate.
3.    A Will is an opportunity for you to choose who will take care of your children.  Absent a Will, a court will appoint a family member or provincially-appointed Guardian for your minor children.
4.    Save time and money.  Having a Will makes administering your estate much easier and less expensive.
5.    Minimize taxes.  Proper Will planning can minimize income tax and estate administration tax/probate fees, which increases the value of your estate for your beneficiaries to enjoy.
6.    Charitable donations.  Charitable gifts in your Will allows your legacy to live on, reflects your personal values and interests, and has tax benefits to boot.
7.    Disinherit individuals who would otherwise inherit.  Absent a Will, your estate may end-up in the wrong hands or may pass to an unintended beneficiary, such as an estranged family member.
8.    Major life events.  Any significant change in your life circumstances, such as a family birth, adoption, death, divorce or separation, may necessitate making or changing your Will. 
9.    Because tomorrow is not promised.  Sometimes the realization that a Will is necessary comes too late such as when an unexpected death or disability occurs. Adults can make or change their Will at any time as long as there is the required mental capacity.

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