5 Reasons to Hire a Family Law Lawyer

Sorting out family law issues on your own can be a complicated process, and most people are grateful to have an experienced family law lawyer help them through it. Here are 5 reasons to hire a family law lawyer.


1.    Specialized Area of the Law:  a lack of familiarity and knowledge about family law issues and procedures will increase the chances of a negative or unworkable outcome. 


2.    Objective Advice during an Emotional Time:  a lack of impartiality can easily cloud your judgment. A family law lawyer will let you know if you are being reasonable as to what is possible or workable in your situation, and what is not. 


3.    Family Law Solutions:  a family law lawyer can advise you whether or not a less adversarial approach such as collaborative law or mediation is appropriate in your situation. And if the other side is making an unreasonable or unworkable settlement proposal, a family law lawyer can advise you to fight-it-out in court.


4.    Paperwork:  a family law lawyer knows what forms you need and how to complete them properly and persuasively, which will increase your chances of a positive outcome. Failing to make full and timely financial disclosure, using the wrong numbers, tone or words, or omitting something, could result in the judge perceiving you as careless, combative, or trying to hide information, which will damage your credibility and your case.


5.    Focus on the Big Picture:  a family law lawyer will help you focus on creating the best possible family law solution tailored to you, which may mean helping you compromise on some issues so that you can get more of your “must haves”.